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Chapter 20

Clinical Neuropsychology - Chapter 20 - Testing for Effort, Response Bias, and Malingering

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 20 – Testing for Effort, Response Bias, and Malingering -accurate interpretation and conclusions about neuropsychological test data are necessarily premised on the assumption that the data are valid -essential for drawing conclusions, rending diagnoses, and making treatment recommendations -compromised validity is more likely when an evaluation involves the possibility of secondary gain -emotional reactions to new limitations occasioned by injury or disease, or due to the primary effects of neurologic condition itself can bring about additional symptoms or exacerbate existing ones -traditionally determination of whether the neuropsychological findings are valid usually rested on: -evidence of consistency in the history or examination -the likelihood that the set of symptoms and neuropsychological test profile makes medical sense -an understanding of the patient’s present situation, personal/social history, and emotional predispositions -emotional reactions to their symptoms and complaints, such as patients who smile while relating a medical history rife with physical ailments and doctor visits -the increased involvement of neuropsychologists in forensic evaluations of all kinds has sharpened the
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