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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 10perceptionLine Bisection TestUnilateral inattentionLefthanded performance exacerbate this effect as left handed subjects show the leftsided deviation more than righthanded onesThe length of the line also affects line bisection accuracy for both normal subjects and those with lesions o Short lines are less likely to elicit a deviation from center oticeable errors are most often made by patients with visual field defects who tend to underestimate the side of the line opposite to the defective field need more than a single trailpatients with right hem lesions tended to miss lines mostly the shorter ones on the left and center of the page regardless of hand used Judgment of Line Orientationthis test examines the ability to estimate angular relationships between line segments by visually matching angled line pairs to 11 numbered radii forming semicircle performance declines with age most notable after 65 Face recognitionarrington and James demonstration that there is no regular relationship between an ability to recognize
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