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Chapter 4

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Steve Joordens

CHAPTER 4 The observations of functional specialization of the brain led to the development of modern neuropsychologyLaterality the functional specialization of the right and left hemispheresLeft hemisphere LH is specialized for language and the control of the right hand and fingersRight hemisphere RH played a role in visual identification of objects is specialized for music emotion and spatial abilities as well as control of the left hand and fingersRH has poor linguistics therefore took longer to understand its functions Split BrainRH and LH communicate with each other using commissural systems anterior and posterior commissures the corpus callosum and the habenular commissure and the hippocampal commissureRoger Sperry and Ronald Myers cat experiment using commissurized and noncommissurized cats A stimulus shown to the right and left eye separately and a response was to be made to acquire the rewardIn commissurized cats there was no transfer of learning between the eyesa stimulus shown to the right eye was not recognized by the left eye and had to be trained separatelyWHYWhen corpus callosum sever
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