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attention and neglect

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Eva Svoboda

2212012 42700 PM Neglect syndrome y a failure to attend to one side of spacey negative effect on long term functional outcome y heterogenous y unilateral brain injury after right hemisphere stroke y failure to orient towards stimuliin contralesional space hemispheric asymmetries y patients unaware of their deficitsanosognosia o difficult to rehabilitate o poorer functional outcomeso neglect is not a unitary disorder it is a symptomi personal neglectneglect the contralesional side of their own bodyii peripersonal neglectnear space iii extra personal neglectdistant space iv motor neglectcontralesional limbs brain loci right inferior parietal and inferior frontal lobespatial and nonspatial mechanisms in neglect phenomenaSpatial mechanisms y Spatial gradient of attentiono Attention biased towards ipsilesional space away from contralesional side o right side for right hemisphere patients y difficulty in disengaging attentiono from stimuli in ipsi and shifting contralesionallyy A pathological competitive spatial attention o Contralesional items lose in competition for selective attention to ipsilesional itemsy Spatial deficits play role in Directional motor deficits y Spatial working memory o A disorder of keeping track of spatial locationsy disorder of Egocentric representation of the space around them
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