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EXPERIENTIAL THERAPYConceptual knowledge knowledge by descriptionExperiential knowledge knowledge by acquaintanceexperience ETs are approaches to therapy that emphasize the importance of promoting and using knowingby experience when facilitating client change To experience means to live through to have firsthand knowledge of sates situations emotions or sensations Experience is the domain of a whole and embodied person Experienceincluding conceptual knowledge is inextricably based on the embodied process of livingGrounded in humanistic phenomenological and existential principles that emphasize that clients are aware organismsselfreflective creative agents with subjective phenomenal experiences beings who are actively and dynamically involved in the construction of their own realities This dynamically changing inthemoment phenomenal experience is viewed as fundamental data as valid and as an important source of information bout the self and the world in which that self is situatedThe self is the most knowable from direct experience rather than from ideas or beliefs about the self or selfconceptEmbodied experience in the formation of self our sense of a coherent self requires neither conceptual cognitive capacities nor even memory rather it requires only the here and now of natural innate processes such as movement perception and emotional experiences This is the foundation upon which all other aspects of selfself knowledge self consciousness and self experienceare constructedETs are those approaches that in the context of an facilitative human relationship emphasize focusing on clients experiential process to promote change This includes helping clients to better be aware of inthemoment experience sensations perceptions emotions and feelings and implicit meaning to find symbols to represent experience in consciousness to reflect on and make sense of experience to use newly accessed experience as information to create new meaning and to live more genuinely magnetically and adaptivelyAwareness a process by which experience enters consciousnessProcess of awareness and experience not only concerned with the contentof what experience someone is aware of but how one is aware or not aware where awareness habitually goes or doesnt go how awareness is limited how experiences are generated linked or beget other experiences how meaning is constructed The therapist helps the client gain awareness of these processes through hereandnow experience to promote changeThe experiential therapist provides a supportive safe and respectful relationship while first attending to and promoting interpersonal safety the therapist also offers a relationship that is real Client and therapist are in genuine contact and optimally in a collaborative dialogue In this relationship T and C can meet each other as two valid people The T does offer certain expertise but if heshe appears in the relationship as an expert it is to offer expertise on how to facilitate experiential processes not as an expert on what the client experience or needs Ts may guide and suggest ways of working with experience and share their personal experiences including those they have of the client but they always give primacy to the clients expertise on hisher own experience
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