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Strategies and Interventions - Ch 5

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Amanda U.

PSYC36 Chapter 3 Strategies and InterventionsFor addressing automatic thoughtsy Defining the terms y Examining the evidence y Testing the thoughtsthe validity of the patients thoughts is tested y Generating alternatives y Maladaptive vs inaccurate beliefs instead of suggesting that the patients thoughts are wrong talk about whether those thoughts are helping himher achieve hisher goals y Costbenefit analysis patient assesses what they gain and lose from maintaining a belief y Positive reframing making a positive thought out of a negative situation y Examining the logic of thoughts y Pie technique to show the patient that the amount of hisher responsibility isnt 100 y Downward arrowvertical descent the patient is asked to imagine that hisher automatic thoughts were true and proceed to ask them what would be so terrible if this was the case y Double standard y Keeping an daily logand gather facts that support or refute the patients beliefs y Distinguishing possibility from probabilityex a plane crash is possible but its not a probability y Examining the feared fantasy look at the things that the patient is fearful of and create coping plans For addressing maladaptive
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