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Chapter 3

Psychological Assessment - Chapter 3 Book Notes

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Correlation and Regression The Scatter Diagram Univariate distribution: involve only one variable for each individual under study Bivariate distribution: involves two scores for each individual Scatter diagram: is a picture of the relationship between two variables Bivariate distribution of scores Each point shows were a particular individual scored on both x and y Each point represents the performance of one person who has been assessed on two measures Useful when the relationships between x and y are not described by a straight line Correlation In correlational analysis, we ask whether two variables covey and is designed mainly to examine linear relationships between variables Correlation coefficient: describes the direction and magnitude of a relationship Positive correlation: high scores on y are associated with high scores on x, low scores on y are associated with low scores on x Negative correlation: higher scores on y are associated with lower scores on x, lower scores on y are associated with higher scores on x No correlation: variables are not related Calculation of the correlation coefficient involve pairs of observations For each observation on one variable, there is an observation on one other variable for the same person www.notesolution.com
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