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Chapter 5

Psychological Assessment - Chapter 5 Book Notes

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Validity Validity: the agreement between a test score and the quality it is believed to measure Does the test measure what is supposed to measure? Three types of evidence include construct-related, criterion-related, and content-related Unitary concept that represents all of the evidence that supports the representation of a measure The consensus document cautions against separating validity into sub-categories The use of categories does not mean that there are distinct forms of validity Aspects of Validity Face Validity Face validity: the mere appearance that a measure has validity Not a technical form of validity, but is used in testing literature Exists if the items seem to be reasonably related to the purpose of the test Not really validity because it does not offer evidence to support conclusions drawn from test scores In many settings it is ideal to have a test that looks like it is valid, because these appearances can help motivate test takers since they can see that the test is relevant Content-Related Validity Content-related validity: considers the adequacy of representation of the domain the test is designed to over If you are being tested on the first five chapters of the book, then content-related evidence is provided by the correspondence between the items on the test and the information in the chapters The only type of evidence (except face validity) that is logical rather than statistical www.notesolution.com
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