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Chapter 8

Psychological Assessment - Chapter 8 Book Notes

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Interviewing Techniques The factors which discriminate an unstructured psychological test from an employment interview (selection interview) include: Unstandardized Broad and unrestricted, where the interviewer focuses on the individual and a variety of areas Non-directive, where the psychologist allows the individual to determine the direction of the interview The psychologist rarely asked questions, but rather comments and reflects the individuals statement Referred to as a diagnostic interview, centered on the individuals emotional functioning rather than his or her qualifications The psychologist attempts to uncover feelings, thought, and attitudes that might delay or facilitate the individuals ability The Interview as a Test Interview: is a method for gathering data or information about an individual Resembles a test The information is used to describe the individual and make future predictions Can be evaluated in terms of standard psychometric qualities Often the most or only important source of data One of the most prevalent selection devices for employment Used in all health-related professions Chief method of collecting data in clinical psychiatry Similarities between an interview and a test include: www.notesolution.com
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