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Chapter 9

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Hollis Moore

Broad Band tests of normal personality -broad band test= one that measures the full range of fxning, as opposed to aspects -How best to conceptualize the multifaceted notion of personality Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) -a forced choice, self report inventory that attempts to classify persons according to an adaptation of Carl Jung’s theory of personality types -most widely used individual test in history -scored on 4 theoretically independent polarities: Extraversion-introversion Sensing(immediate senses)-intuition (relationships & possibilities that have been worked out beyond the reach of the conscious mind) Thinking (logic)-feeling (reliance on personal values and social harmony) Judging (certainty)- perceiving (open ended flexibility, freedom) -ENFP= prefers to work interactively w/ succession of ppl away fr the desk Likes to work w/ a succession of new problems to be solved Prefers to provide service that is appreciated Likes to work in changing situ tat req adaptation\ -16 diff personality types including ENFP -concern abt MBTI= increasing cost of administering the instrument California Psychological Inventory -T/F test designed to measure the dimensions of normal personality (criterion keying method) -CPI 260 20 folk measures 7 work realted scales 3 broad vectors: v.1Toward ppl vs toward one’s inner life v.2Rule favouring vs rule questioning v.3Self realization/psychological competence/ego integration Purpose of the test= provide a clear picture of the examinee by using descriptors based on ordinary language of everyday life 3 basic personality scales=Good impression, communality, well being Lifestyles: 1) Implementers (extroverted & rule favoring)- do well in managerial and leadership roles 2) Supporters (introverted & rule favoring) 3) Innovators (extroverted and rule Qing) – skillful at creating change 4) Visualizers (introverted and rule Qing)- work best alone in fields such as art or literature NEO PI –R -based upon 5 factor model of personality -high internal consistency & validity -used in both research & clinical psychopathology -form S= self reports Form R= outside observers -BPD= high N & low A -minor concern-> lacks substantial validity scales (only 3 items assess validity) -Collaboratory= internet based arrangements that facilitate the collaboration of test specialists, regardless of location -NEO PI 3 –adolescents & young adults 16 personality factor Questionnaire -forced choice test of personality -includes a measure of intel -16 basic scales (source traits)+ 4 2d order indices (surface traits) -based on Cattell’s factor analytic conception of personality -intended for high school seniors and adults -major thrust = career guidance, vocational exploration, occupational testing -answer sheets can be mailed in for quick machine scoring (reason why it’s popular) -major short coming= 16 surveyed personality attributes are based upon as few as 10~13 items -exception = agreeableness which did not emerge as a separate dimension on PF But all 4 was found to provide parallel results along with PF Assessment of Moral Judgment -Stages of moral judgment Moral dilemmas (HEINZ Eg 약훔치기 병든 아내를위해서) 3 lvls of moral reasoning (Kohlberg) Preconventional Conventional Postconventional -Critique of the moral judgment scale Complex & inconsistent scoring procedures reduced reliability & validity Kohlberg developed a new scoring sys w/ high lvl of clarity, detail & sophistication One using sentence or completed thought as the unit of scoring Other relying upon a global rating of all the subject’s utterances as the unit of analysis (neither was fully satisfactory) Insum, moral judgment scale= reliable -Defining Issues test Examinee reads a series of moral judgments and then chooses a proper action for each Similar to MJS, but incorporates a much simpler and completely objective scoring format Real purpose in forcing the choice= cause the examinee to think abt the importance of various factors in making the decision Following the choice of proper action, examinee rates the importance of several factors on a 5 point likert scale Measure of moral judgment *N2 index) calculated on the basis of several complex formulas that use both ranking and
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