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Chapter 9

PSYC37 - Chapter 9

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Jessica Dere

Chapter 91Learning Objectiveshow Binetother psychologists have defined intelligencecompare Spearmans g w contemporary gfgc theoryID Binets 2 guiding principles of test constructiondescribeoconcept of age differentiationoconcept of mental ageoconcept of IQ intelligence quotientdefine deviation IQdiscuss various StanfordBinet Intelligence Scale editions2Problem of Defining Intelligencedefinitions reflect trendstheories followed by researchersBineto the tendency to take and maintain a definite direction the capacity to make adaptationsfor the purpose of attaining a desired end and the power of autocriticismSpearmanoability to elicit relations or correlationsFreemanoadjustmentor adaptation of the individual to his total environmentothe ability to learnothe ability to carry on abstract thinkingDasoability to plan and structure ones behavior with an end in viewH Gardneroability to resolve genuine problems or difficulties as they are encounteredSternbergomental activities involved in purposive adaptation to shaping of and selection ofrealworld environments relevant to ones lifeAndersonotwodimensionalobased on individual differences in infoprocessing speed and executive functioningstrongly influenced by inhibitory processesrecent viewsoblend of abilities eg personality and aspects of memoryT R Taylor IDd three independent research traditions employed to study nature of humanintelligenceo1 psychometricexamines elemental structure of a test
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