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Psychological Assessment Chapter 8BTwo approaches have dominated the field when assessing personality unstructured and structured Unstructured methods such as the Rorschach TAT and sentence completion blanks In contrast structured approaches are selfreport inventories and behaviour rating scales Whereas only a handful of unstructured has ever risen to distinction the number of structured instruments for assessment has grown exponentially structured approaches are considered objective as contrasted with projective Contemporary psychoetricians have relied mainly upon three tactics for personality test development theory bounded approaches factor analytic approaches and criterionkey methods TheoryGuided Inventories Theoryguided inventories are designedaround a preexisting theoryTheoryguided inventories stand in contrast to factoranalytic approaches which often produce a retrospective theory based upon initial test findings They also differ from the criterionkey methods because they lack the empirical evidence The personality research form is a truefalse inventory based loosely on Murrays theory of manifest needs TAT However this test expanded the number of needs and produced several forms for assessment thus creating many more personality trait items The Jenkins activity survey is a multiplechoice selfreport questionnaire designed to identify the Type A coronaryprone behaviour pattern It also identifies Speed and Impatience Job Involvement and CompetitivenessFactorAnalytically Derived InventoriesEysenck personality questionnaire was designed to measure the major dimensions of normal and abnormal personality Eysenck isolated three major dimensions of personality Psychoticism Extraversion and Neuroticism The EPQ consists of scales to measure these dimensions and also incorporates a Lie scale to assess the validity of an examinees responsesComrey personality scale is a short selfreport inventory mostly tested on college students A special virtue of the CPS is its shortnessCriterionKeyed InventoriesIn a criterionkeyed approach test items are assigned to a particular scale if and only if they discriminate between a well defined criterion group and a relevant control group Minnesota Mutliphasic Personality Inventory became the most widely used personality test used in the United States The most serious problem was the original control group which consisted primarily of relatives and visitors of medical patients was a narrow choice of control subjects Also another problem was that they were all white and most were young married and
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