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Chapter 9

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Anthony Ruocco

Chapter 9a Assessment Within the Normal Spectrum Psychological tests like MMPI or Rorschach werent really made for the sole purpose of employing them on a normal spectrum o Rorschach today used to see psychological symptoms that doesnt really fit neatly into the category depicted by the DSMIVInitially this test was invented to identify themes in the mindXray of the mind Sometimes a test is made to help practitioner attain his goal of finding something specific o Using the instruments made for psychopathology may not always help Normality and abnormality differ by in terms of grey harder to differentiate MyersBriggs Type Indicator is one of the most widely employed personality tests of all time while the California Psychological Inventory is a strong empirical measureBroad Band Tests of Normal Personality Broad band test measures full range of functioning as opposed to limited aspects o Developed in 1940s Throughout history many have tried to fully figure out personality and define what it really is o Many different approaches have their own interpretationTypological approachDimensional approachDimensional is better than typological but typological is popular no real one is better ambiguousMyersBriggs type Indicator MBTI Forced choice selfreport inventory published in 1962Based on Carl Jungs theory of Personality and using that trying to classify people Most used test taken by 2 million people a yearComes in different forms o Form M 93 item test which is given by trained psychologist selfscoring testo Form G 126 item test o Form Q144 item test offered online Regardless of version MBTI scored in 4 independent polarities o ExtraversionintroversionExtraversion E directs energy outward talks to peopleIntroversion Idirects energy inward to their inner world o SensingintuitionSensing S uses immediate sensesIntuition N relationships or possibilities that have been worked out beyond conscious mind o Thinking feelingThinking T logicobjectivityFeeling F reliance on personal values and social harmony o JudgingperceivingJudging J decisiveness and closurePerceiving P flexibility and spontaneity The tester is given a 4 letter code telling them what they are ie ENTJ extraversion intuition thinking judging4 There are 2 poles to each dimension therefore216 different personality types It is important to note that these are all just descriptors and there isnt one that is better than the othero Being at either poles of a dimension doesnt depict one as good and one as bad but just different modes which comes with its own implicationsThe 16 different types are not equally represented in the population and different groups have a preference to a specific 4 letter code o 231 Midwestern Uni students seemed to be more common with ENFP This test is based on large samplesand from that tables are made to interpret different combos of lettersie occupations vs 4 letter codeUseful if you trying to figure out a possible careerStability of the 4 letter code is for the most part reliable when doing testretest and interval between time tests
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