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Anthony Ruocco

Chapter 1The Consequences of Testing We encounter many tests throughout life even one at birthApgar testApgar test determines need for medical attention usually low scores on this test require child to take developmental disability assessment during toddler stageAfter graduation adults also face many tests job entry drivers licence security clearance etcPsychological test results change lives Psychometrician is a specialist in psychology or education that develops and evaluates psychological tests Definition of a TestTest is a standardized procedure for sampling behaviour and describing it with categories or scoresMost test have norms and standards which by the results can be used to predict other more important behaviourTests are varied in terms of format and applications but they do possess these features o Standardized procedures o Behaviour sampleo Scores or categories o Norms or standards o Prediction of nontest behaviour Standardized procedure is an essential feature of any psychological testA test is standardized if procedures for administrating it are uniform from one examiner and setting to anotherEven the best test can be useless if the tester doesnt administer it properly however most examiner are competent Formulation of directions essential step in the standardization of a testTo guarantee uniform administration procedures test developer must 1 provide comparable stimulus materials to all testers2 specify oral instructions for each item or subtest and 3 advise examiner how to handle wide range of queries from examineePsychological tests are limited samples of behaviour due to constraints ex time
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