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Anthony Ruocco

PSYC37 Chapter 6b pg245272 The test that is given to a participant is neutral itself only after meaning is given to it the individual face the effects of it o But this is where students and layperson mess up by underover interpreting the results The Question of Test BiasJensen in 1980 concluded that test bias is the most common rallying point for criticsTest bias is commonly confused with test fairness o Test bias technical concept amenable to impartial analysis o Test fairness reflects social values and philosophies of test useTest results between different races give way for racial discrimination because of the discrepancy between IQ scoresThis has more to do with employment education SES and more as wellBut others may say its culturally biasedThe Technical Meaning of Test Bias a definitionTechnical perspective score is biased if the meanings and results of definable subgroup are different from the differentrest of them o Arithmetic test exampleNon English kids all do bad consistent with each other and all the English kids do better consistent with each other but not consistent with non English kids Test Bias refers to differential validity o Falls under 3 main headingsContent validityCriterionrelated validityConstruct validityBias in Content ValidityContent validity is probably most common criticism o Items ask for info that ethnic minority or disadvantaged persons o Scoring of the items is improper since test author has arbitrarily decided on correct answer and ethnic minorities o The wording of the questions is unfamiliar
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