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Chapter 9

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Anthony Ruocco

CHAPTER 9b Psychological AssessmentPositive Psychological Assessment Since WWII clinical psychological has been all about taking off the symptoms and syndromes people haveWe are so keen on finding and doing research on diseases and treatments for disorders o We neglect any attention on the positive perspectivesPositive Psychology scientific and practical pursuit of optimal human functioningRecent movement to balance the negativesMartin Seligman founder of movementSome stuff in positive psyc includes altruism tolerance ethicsPositive Psyc Assessment is one aspect of positive psyc o Measurement of specific human strengths Hundreds of new instrument created to measure assess and test positive psycSnyder and Lopez in 2003 published 24 chapter book on all the new instrumentsAssessment of creativity Simple definition of creativity and the assessment towards it still elusive and problematicHundreds of test but most question validity o Criterion problemJohn B Watson in his terms thought creativitypoem or brilliant essay is mere product of shifting words around until a new pattern is hit upon o With his simple view many started to formulate more thoughtful perspectivesPAGE 398 bunch of them Conceptual definition emphasize novelty and usefulness of creative product but also suggest that creativity is a particular kind of process as wellOperational definition harder to formulateCreativity studied as cognitive process personal characteristics and behavioural products
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