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Chapter 9

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Anthony Ruocco

Psychological Assessment Chapter 9B With a few exceptions clinical psychology since World War II has focused on what is wrong with people and how to alleviate or diminish a host of symptoms and syndromesIn recent years a movement known as positive psychopathology has emerged to redress this imbalance A simple definition of positive psychology is the scientific and practical pursuit of optimal human functioningAssessment of Creativity In field of creativity there are no acknowledged gold standards for assessment In part this is because of the criterion problem the difficulty in defining creativity Creativity arises when the thinker grasps the essential features of a problem and their relation to a find a solution the socalled aha phenomenon It is theorized that such insights often occur after a period of incubation wherein the unconscious mind rearranges the features of the puzzle even while the conscious mind takes timeoff from the problem Mednick proposed that creativity is the capacity to combine remote associations the Remote Associates Test is a index of the remoteness of verbal associations For each triplet the examinee must find a fourth word that fits in the sense of having reasonable associations to the other three wordsGuilford was one of the first
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