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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 notes - very long

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Chapter 13 Applications in Clinical and Counselling Settings California Psychological Inventory (CPI) o Structured personality tests used in counselling settings that provides a list of statements and asks the subject to respond true or false to each o Used in career assessments o Took an hour to respond to 462 items Tests created to distinguish those with subnormal mental abilities from those with normal abilities How do people use their abilities Nonintellective aspects of human behaviour, typically distinguished from mental abilities, are called personality characteristics Personality: the relatively stable and distinctive patterns of behaviour that characterize an individual and his or her reactions to the environment Structured personality tests attempt to evaluate ^personality traits, personality types, personality states, and other aspects of personality, such as self-concept Personality traits: refer to relatively enduring dispositions tendencies to act, think, or feel in a certain manner in any given circumstance and that distinguish one person from another Personality types: refers to general descriptions of a person example is an avoiding type who is someone who has low social interest and low activity and cop by avoiding social situations Personality states: refer to emotional reactions that vary from one situation to another www.notesolution.com Self concept: refers to a persons self-definition or, according to C. R. Rogers, an organized and relatively consistent set of assumptions that a person ahs about himself or herself Binet said that a persons pattern of intellectual functioning may reveal information about personality factors Personality tests were not created until WWI o Identify emotionally unstable military recruits o There were so many recruits and so the psychiatric interview wouldnt work fast enough o Psychologists needed a measure of emotional functioning that would measure a large amount of people and screen out those that were unfit for military service o Self-report questionnaires: provided a list of statements and required subjects to respond in some way to each, such as marking true or false to indicate whether the statement applied to them o Structured or objective tests are a method of personality assessment for example respond yes or no to the statement I am happy o Projective method is for example provide a picture of an inkblot and ask what might this be The stimulus is ambiguous and the subject has few guidelines about what type of response is required STRATEGIES OF STRUCTURED PERSONALITY-TEST CONSTRUCTION There are strategies for approaches to the structure of personality testing These strategies have been disagreed upon based on how it should be classified, what they should be called and how many distinctly different strategies exist At the broadest level, the strategies are deductive and empirical www.notesolution.com
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