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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 notes

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Chapter 16 Testing in Counselling Psychology MEASURING INTERESTS You want the right career, you must identify your interests Interest inventories help make choices by providing feedback First interest inventory, introduced in 1921, was called the Carnegie Interest Inventory Two most widely used interests tests: Strong Vocational Interest Blank in 1927 and the Kuder Preference Survey in 1939 Today more than 80 interest inventories The Strong Vocational Interest Bank After world war I E.K. strong, Jr. and colleagues o Found that people in different professional groups had different patterns of interest o Wanted to develop a test that would match the interests of a subject to the interests and values of a criterion group of people who were happy in the careers they had chosen This is called criterion keying, or the criterion-group approach Then called it the Strong Vocational Interest Blank (SVIB) o Respond to 400 items about likes and dislikes related to the occupations and leisure activities o Criterion keying determined how the interests of new subjects resembled those of the criterion groups Revised version 1966 www.notesolution.com
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