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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Computers and Basic Psychological Science in Testing Cognitive-Behavioural Assessment Procedures Rationale for cognitive-behavioural assessment o Disordered behaviour believed to be caused by some underlying characteristic such as early traumatic experience o One major function of traditional psychological tests is to ascertain possible underlying causes of disordered behaviours o Cognitive-behavioural assessment, the behaviours, though processes, physiological responses that define disordered condition considered the real problem o Certain techniques include evaluation of factors that precede, coexist with and follow disordered behaviour May be environmental factors, thought processes or both o More direct than traditional psychological tests o Characterized by fewer inferential assumptions and remains closer to observable phenomena o Treatment may involve modifying internal dialogue before and after boy eats and modify mothers behaviours so that she no longer reinforces avoidance of food but instead reinforces eating Procedures based on operant conditioning o Psychologists observe behaviours of individual, after they make a response, psychologist can do something to them to alter probability of recurrence of response o May present something positive or remove something negative following response, which should increase rate of recurrence or else they may present something aversive or remove something positive preceding response, which should reduce rate or recurrence o Must first identify
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