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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Testing in Counselling Psychology The strong vocational interest blank Criterion-group approach: 54 occupations for men, 32 for women Interests remain relatively stable for 22 years Interest patterns fairly well established by 17 years old Strong-Campbell interest inventory (SCII) Incorporated Hollands theory and 6 personality factors into SCII Most widely used interest inventory Divided into 7 parts, having automated scoring o First score is summary of general themes based on Hollands 6 personality types o Second score given in report for administrative indexes7third scores provide summary of persons basic interests o Final sets for occupational scales Campbell interest and skill survey (CISS) Asks respondents to assess degree of interest in 200 academic and occupational topics Uses theoretical structure of John Holland Reemergence of Strong Interest Inventory New Strong SII represents substantial revision of previous measure and features different item format 244 occupational scales, more focus on careers in business and technology for both men and women Kuder Occupational Interest Survey (KOIS) Second widely used Test taker with 100 triads (sets of three) of alternative activities For each triad, test taker selects most preferred and least preferred alternatives KOIS examines similarity between test takers interests and those of people employed in vari
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