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Chapter 7

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Nussbaum D

Chapter 7: Violent Offending  1/8 are criminal offences in canada  Rates of victimization same for women and men, women-more sexual  Hostile aggression – impulsive reaction to real or perceived threat  Instrumental aggression – premeditated and aimed at achieving a secondary goal (money) o Instrumental Aggression Rating measure  Planning/preparation before aggression  Goal directed  Unprovoked aggression  Lack of anger during aggression  Victim is a stranger  Explaining Violence o Social Learning theory – aggression is learned through reinforcement o General Aggression Model – main components =input from person and situation, the routes (cognitive, affective, arousal) that mediate influence of inputs, appraisal and decision process that lead to either impulsive action or thoughtful action o Evolutionary – most violent men fall into 3 groups: young men, competitively disadvantaged men, psychopaths  Young men – violence as means to increase status, resources, mating; violent behaviour limited to adolescence and young adulthood  Competitively disadvantaged men – ability to compete in prosocial ways is limited; life-course persistent  Psychopaths – choose short-term high-risk approach; life- course persistent Treatment and Management  Correctional Service of Canadas Violence Prevention Program (VPP) o Intensive cognitive behavioural reintegration program for incarcerated federal offenders o Delivered by mental health professional and program officer o Target group=offenders with at least 2 violence offences, high risk o Integration of various rehab o Goal = improve skills thereby reducing risk of future violence o Delivered in 4 months (120 2 hour sessions) o Making change, violence awareness, anger control, solving problems
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