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Chapter 8

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David Nussbaum

PSYC39Ch 8 Behind Closed Doors Family Violence IntroductionFamily violence is the most prevalent form of violence in societyDistinct from other types of violenceongoing relationship prior to during and after the violent episodeBut some forms of family violence are sanctionedphysical punishment of the child or considered normalfighting among siblings Not considered as criminalViolence within the family Background issuesFamily violencean violence occurring between members of a family Prevalencetotal number Incidencenew casesEcological model of family violenceConflict Tactics Scaleassess how a person and their partner resolve conflict measure psychological physical and sexual violence in intimate relationships Theories of Intimate ViolencePatriarchal theorysupport the idea that the male dominance of women contributes to the domestic assault of women by menSocial learning theory3 major elements related to aggression origins instigators and regulatorsInstigatorsacquired behaviours are only manifested if an appropriate event in the environment the instigator acts as a stimulusAversive instigatorsstimulus that the individual attempts to avoid Related to emotional funnel systemmale batterers have a predisposition to interpret a wide variety
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