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Chapter 3

PSYC39-Chapter 3

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David Nassum

Chap hen 3: earnin hodynamic. anti Social in herently and want pleasure houve destructive Impulses Impulse come out when not controlled Tersonality Systems: D Td Equ superego menal re easure. real Suppress s cho Sexual stages orali anal Pha I a tent agenita superego stages CT minal be haviour Source S AR for punishment Want get punished arsh Sure red Failure to Wea. Deviant su supe seg standards re deviant iden Bowl bui's The Dru f Materna Depnvati ma ternal care to develop Don't have This child cannot contro l own conduct Not much emp cut Suk variables Parenting hve nent Famile es nega Lo Parents are Key to deve lopment Hirschi s intro The ones people don't violate law is because Dual controls or bond of the ind Ho souie dea ecto LA social controls the cry i so vial bonds The At Attachment w/ parents t because don't wan to ruin rela Time NRG ief fort on beha. thng educaton) ego comm tment nv dive men activities lim ts me to be comi nal convich on that one should bbe rules Superego o Gott fredson Hrs chi 's General Theo f Cnme level of self control is determina hon crme vu contro i t unminal opportunit es Lem mit Come depends on qualthy of years cure nh ng n ear
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