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Chapter 4

PSYC39- Chapter 4

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David Nassum

Ca pte Ai Lin kin The To Pactice because crime utilitar an moda pe op le enquie un CT C itonne (CO S mn US in crea se, Paf s: To red u ce. r crime are fec ence d ole ure ase d when Creu a rols C m n a and cost of rme are here a ensure respect for The law Puoposes Centencin iust a cefu sa SOC e f maintenance other den ounce lawfu l co n duct so ere H ffend er s Fern o v 2 f offenders assist rehabilita tipn provide re ara tion to v m s (n offon de s mot e se h S e f d cr change criminal be h futur crimina I behav R ven A o Deferren Longer sen fenceyu might d rehabilitati extreme n ni S h rnen The io are fr har m flender R etmbution when soa Hy is curm ed nne have The n cap cu. C t cu ti On cm me con fro takin Uffen ders i n car cera ti D n Expensive Not Gffec fue :n c om mit Crime HD fi ven LR a our bl h n i S h men t Certa C tha get it) cele n Hy am t of hmet slu offence. and S tion) Seve 1 Chow stu The Punish me f S har SCOPe re la RS hip pe J of anme and pu s y chimensio n s of pu shment maxim a eft c fue D muct be Un avoidable farget 6 application should immediately foll mnea ld be severe (inten S sno U on cortoin hyr e s f c ma tha t Research sho v s imin is h ra te s of Tae se Time r not ma shock bo t c Urfe etc ni Sher Smarkur C"mp" no effect n reduc ng c ri mn in a shoplifherr, a crest had He effect on them teenage, f fender S n arrested (certainty CYouth) m a omy teen f Cap cn s differen death en L dette mance n a n ven L n u h nish rne t
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