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Chapter 1

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David Naussbaum

Chapter 1 Crime in CanadaInfluence of the MediaThe press sensationalize stories to engage audienceDoes not reveal a lot about the nature of the crime and the factsShould focus on empirical studies sociology and psychology of crime44 of Canadians believe more money needs to be spent on criminal justice systemTV News is seen as most important source for information TV Shows being the leastCurrent ContextUnderstand criminal behaviour from psychology to explain individual differences eg attitudes mental disordersoIntraindividual differences an individual changes across time oInterindividual differences differences across individualsSociology focuses on the macro aspect in crime eg social structures government politics etcForensic psychology application of psychology in legal systemooUK Criminal psychologyoUSCanada Correctional PsychologyConduct therapies and assessments for prisoners Theoretical explanations when analysis varies from micro to macro levels in analysisPsychology focuses on narrow patterns like individual behaviour time situation thoughts feelings and attitudesCrime Desistance decrease in crimeOffenders are heterogeneous group with lots of variancesPersonal Interpersonal and CommunityReinforcement model PICRoReflects immediate triggers criminal history and balance of rewardcost system oSocial Cognitive Learning Theory of Crime Definition of CrimeIncludes legal moral social and psychological explanations
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