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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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David Nussbaum

Chapter 6On an international scale Canada is viewed as soft on whitecollar crime with few prosecutions and even fewer convictions If violence does occur it is when the financial gain is in jeopardyEconomic crime as criminal offences where the primary motiviation is for economic gainTo combat economic crime a partnership must be formed across various levels of government law enforcement business and private sectorsThe Reporting Economic Crime Online RECOL group is just that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP along with the Ontario Provincial Police OPP and the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre IFCC joined together to provide a mechanism to report economic crime that deals with corporateoccupationalwhite collar crime and fraudWhiteCollar CrimeIs usually partitioned into occupational crime versus corporate crimeOccupational crimes are offences committed against businesses and government by perpetrators with ahigher social status these offences include expense account fraud and tax evasionCorporate crimes are offences committed by organizations to advance their own interests corporate crimes include price fixing companies that all sell the same product decide on a price preventing price variability for the consumerthe distinction between occupational and corporate crime can be thought of as crime focused on individuals versus crime focused on organizationswhite collar criminals tend to work for the institution they are stealing fromTypical WhiteCollar Crime Offenderthey used to be viewed as high status and respectable often male highly educated and in upper management positionsoccupational fraudsters were thought to be primarily middle classthree types of occupational fraud asset misappropriation corruption and fraudulent statementsthose who made fraudulent statements tended to be high statusthose in asset misappropriation or corruption were considered middle class those organizations that were victimized for corruption were large profit generating corporationsasset misappropriation was committed in smaller organizations and fraudulent statements were primarily made in smaller organizationswhite collar criminalswere more hedonistic more supportive of the pursuit of pleasure and life enjoyment
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