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Chapter 9

PSYC39: Chapter 9 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Nussbaum

Chapter 9Sexual OffendersIt is difficult to answer how many sex offences are committed and how many people are victimizedThere are 2 sources that estimates are derived from public surveys and police reportsApproximately 512 200 people in Canada reported having been sexually assaulted in the past 12 months on the 2004 GSS general social surveyAssault rate 1977 in 100 000Less than 10 of sexual assaults were reported to the policeReporting rate was 22 when only the more violent crimes were consideredRate of reporting sexual assault to police was lower than rates for reporting other violent offencesUniform Crime Reporting UCR survey reports on the incidence of crimes reported to police in a given year and report some of the characteristics of those crimesIncludes info from all provincesterritories and on all age groups unlike GSSIn 2007 73 sexual offences were reported per 100 000 people in CanadaUCR also tracks clearance rates Clearance refers to laying charges or otherwise resolving reported offencesClearance rates were lower for sexual offences 37 not cleared than other violent offences 26 not cleared in 2007Convictions for sexual offences 54 were more likely to result in custodial sentences prison rather than probation only than other violent offences for adult offenders in 20062007There is no evidence to show that sexual offending is on the riseIn 2004 19 sexual attacks81 unwanted touching Police data 14 level 2 or 3 sexual assaults86 level 1 sexual assaultGSS and UCR survey indicate that women and girls are more likely to be victims of sexual offences than men and boysGSS Most victims between the ages of 1524UCR Most offences committed against victims under 18 2512Men are more often offenders in sexual crimes 97 than in other violent offences 78 Offences committed considerably more often by younger peopleRates for youth aged 1217 were 90 in 100 000Rates for 1834 year olds were 55 in 100 000The victim and offender often know each other prior to the incidentChildren are more often victimized by family while adolescents and adults are most often victimized by acquaintances or friendsPhysical injury occurs in few sexual offences 7Sexual offences result in negative emotional reactions and concerns about STDs pregnancy emerge PTSD depression sexual disturbances can also occur
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