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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes

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David Nussbaum

Chapter 1: an introduction to forensic psychology Forensic psychology: a field of psychology that deals with all aspects of human behaviour as it relates to the law or legal system A narrow definition of forensic psychology might focus on applied aspects while ignoring the experimental research that many psychologists conduct Thus according to ABFP AND AP-LS definition, any psychologist who provides expertise to the judicial system but happens to work in an area of psychology outside the scope of their definition, such as social psychology, would not technically be doing work in the area of forensic psychology. Unlike the narrow definition of forensic psychology focuses solely on the application of psychology to the legal system, this definition does not restrict forensic psychology to applied issues. It also focuses on the research that is required to inform applied practice in the field of forensic psychology. Roles of a forensic psychologist Clinical forensic psychologists: psychologists who are broadly concerned with the assessment of mental health issues as they pertain to the law or legal system (research and practice in a wide variety of settings, such as schools, prisons, hospitals, and so forth) Issues such as divorce and child custody mediation determinations of criminal responsibility (insanity) and competency to stand trial providing expert testimony on questions of a psychological nature personnel selection (e.g., for law enforcement agencies) conducting critical incident stress debriefings Designing and conducting treatment programs for offenders. Must be licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized
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