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Chapter 4

chapter 4 notes

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David Nussbaum

Chapter 4- Deception The polygraph technique Polygraph: a device for recording an individuals autonomic nervous system responses Upper chest and abdomen electrodes- breathing Sweat- galvanic skin response Heart rate- blood pressure Application of the polygraph test Criminal investigations Help verify whether a crime has occurred Insurance companies- verify the claims of the insured Assess and monitor sexual offenders on probation Polygraph disclosure tests: polygraph tests that are used to uncover information about an offenders past behaviour Whether the offender is violating the conditions of probation Evidence of risky behaviour- such as sexual fantasies about children Periodic testing of employees to identify those engaged in theft or using drugs at work General screening tool Types of polygraph tests Relevantirrelevant test: type of polygraph test that includes relevant questions concerning the crime being investigated and irrelevant questions that are unrelated to the crime Problem: nearly everyone responds more to the relevant questions than to the irrelevant questions Control question test: type of polygraph test that includes irrelevant questions that are unrelated to the crime, relevant questions concerning the crime being investigated, and control questions concerning the persons honesty and past history prior to the event being investigated Pretest interview: the polygraph examiner develops the control questions, learns about the background of the suspect, and attempts to convince the suspect of the accuracy of the polygraph set Guilty knowledge test: type of polygraph test designed to determine if the person knows details about a crime www.notesolution.com
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