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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Suzanne Erb

Chapter 2Basic Principles of PsychopharmacologyPsychopharmacology is the discipline that attempts to systematically study the effects of drugs on behaviour cognitive functioning and emotionsPsychoactive Drugs Drugs that alter behaviour cognitive functioning or emotionsEffects of a drug depends on many factorsindividuals set psychological makeup of personsettingthe way the drug changes activities in the CNSroute amountfrequency of administrationDrugNo legal or commonly accepted definitionIn general it is a chemical that affects 1 or more biological processesPROBLEMS WITH THIS DEFINITIONBut waitwhat about natural stuffSalt water minerals proteins vitamins carbs can all affect biological processesWhen isolated in certain amounts can be drugsThen what about dietary supplementsNot considered a drug under legislation and doesnt have to be tested before entering marketsHerbal antidepressants actually help with mild depressionso is it not a drugEndogeneous Substances Chemicals originating or produces within an organism that are used to carry out the normal biological functions in the bodynot thought of as drugsExogeneous Substances DrugsSOA drug is a nonfood chemical that alters 1 or more normal biological processes in living organismsFactors determining a drugs effectconcentration at its site of actionrate of accumulation thereboth affected by doseDose The quantity of drug administered at 1 time mgkgEx 10 mg kg per unit of body weight 4 times a day for 3 daysDrug effects vary across species and within species regardless of doseDRUGS AND RECEPTORSpharmacodynamics refers to the biochemical and physiological effects of drugs and their mechanisms of actionreceptors large molecules that comprise specific sites in the body onto which drugs and ligands act uponbound to a receptor chemical occupies a receptor binding is temporaryactivated receptor receptor starts some biological activitydisocciate from receptor chemical leaves receptor
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