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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Textbook Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Suzanne Erb

Chapter 3PharmacokineticsPharmacodynamics was concerned w what the drug does to the body BUT pharmacokinetics is concerned w what the body does to the drugPharmacokineticsThe dynamic processes involved in the movement of drugs within biological systems w respect to the drugs absorption distribution binding or localization in tissues metabolic alterations and excretion from the bodyThis is what determines the difference btwn 2 drugs potencyDepends on species age ethnicity genetics psychological status physiological status maybe gender2 important factors in a drugs affects are its rate of accumulation and concentrationDrug AbsorptionDepends on Solubility Drugs must enter the CNS to produce its psychological effectsbut drug molecules are just too large to cross membranesSo drugs must be soluble in fatLipid solubilityDrugs capability of being dissolved in fatMost important factor in a drugs ability to pass through membranesAs drugs lipid solubility increasesbetter absorption from the bloodwill accumulate in tissues outside the bloodget to brain fasterSo drug dissolves in bloodtransported by bloodstreambut for this to happen drugs should also be watersolubleSolubility in wateroildissolves in bloodoilwater partition coefficientRoutes of AdministrationPO mouthmost common safest cheapestconvenientdrug administered through the mouth so that it could be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract GIWhat affects absorption from GI TractWhether drug is ionized or nonionizedDrugs are usually weak basesalkaloids or weak acidsacidsWeak acid aspirinAlkaloids Cocaine heroinSuch drugs are usually administered in the form of a salt combo of acidbaseSalt exists in ionizednonionized formionizednon fatsolublenonionizedfat solublepH of the local area determines whether an acid or alkaloid will be more or less ionized more or less soluble
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