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PSYC62 - Ch9 textbook notes (Cannabis)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Suzanne Erb

Cannabis y Hemp is referring to used for industrial purposes very tall for its stalk properties than for leaves stalks is very fibrous like rope and paper not typically supposed to be psychoactive y Marijuana cultivated for leaves and buds y Hashish oily resin in leaves shares psychoactive properties and potently psychoactive y From 10000 BCE in taiw wan reached na in 1900 y In 28 000 bce used in tai wan for psychoactive properties y Worship hindu god shiva ththy 17 to 19 century in north America sails for ships ropes y 1990s in marijuana form from Mexicans propagandized effects of marijuana y Prominent in jazz culture in 1930s more seriouslyy Harry J ansilinger War on drug policy tell all states to make marijuana illegal over 30 year period o Crowning achievement in 1961 and convinced 100 countries in the world to convince marijuana illegal y Oral ingestion low amplitude of effects although last a long time y Smoking common most effective way it likely gives you more short term effects although strong effects quicklyy Vapourizaion device heated at low pressure safe mode of ingestion y Not injectionh
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