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Chapter 4

chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Conduction and Neurotransmission -all thoughts, emotions, and behaviours occur because of chemical processes that occur in neurons -human nervous system has approx. 85 billion neurons -neurons have a communication network that involves two main processes: 1. Conduction changes within a neuron that allow information to be transmitted from one part of the neuron to another 2. Neurotransmission changes in neuron caused by release of biologically active chemicals from adjacent neurons The Neuron -each neuron has numerous excitatory and inhibitory inputssynapses -main body of neuron is called soma -has extensions called dendrites (several) and axons (one) axon hillock: region where axon emerges from soma myelin sheath: coating around the axons (works like insulation) Nodes of Ranvier: -gaps in myelin sheath where axons come into direct contact with ECF -speeds up electrical transmission Axon terminal: an enlargement at the branch of axons Conduction 4 primary ions important for conduction: www.notesolution.com
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