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PSYC62 Chapter 1Psychopharmacology in Perspective Pharmacology The discipline that attempts to systematically study the effects of drugs on behaviour cognitive functioning and emotionsPsychoactivepsychotropic drugs drugs that alter behaviour cognitive functioning or emotions by altering normal biochemical reactions that take place in the nervous system y Greek word psyche used to refer to soul but lately it has been referred to mindabstract concept commonly used to represent the totality of hypothesized mental processes y Drug experiencedrugs chemical structurehow much of drug is takenhow long it has been since drug was takenhow frequently drug is takenThree Ingredients of Drug Experience1 SETpsychological makeup and the expectations of the individual taking the drug 2 SETTINGsocial and physical environment in which the drug is taken3 UNIQUE BIOCHEMICAL MAKEUPgenetic factors A HISTORIAL OVERVIEW OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGYy Drugs were used to alter mood and behaviourvia ancestors curiosity for mystical experienceseven nonhuman animals have been observed to seek out substances with moodaltering propertiesy Siegel proposed that intoxication is a universal fourth drive as natural as the innate drives of hunger thirst and sexy Research of invertebrates eg worms and fruit flies indicate the possession of proteins that are the sites of action of many drugs of abuse PREDECESSORS TO MODERN PHARMACOTHERAPIES1800sInvestigations of the formal relationships between drug variables and psychological processes especially those involved in mental illnesses began physician in France some view him to be first psychopharmacologist took hashisha concentrated form ofmarijuana on numerous occasions and observed other people who ingested it to compare druginduced JacquesJosephsymptoms with the mental symptoms that occur spontaneously in psychosesMoreau de Tours Moreau emphasized that a persons particular or immediate context greatly affects the QUANTITY and INTENSITY of the drug experience also suggested that hashishinduced excitement may be beneficial in treating depressed patients AP Charvel young medical student who published the first book in modern experimental psychopharmacology as well as the first book solely devoted to drugs and animal behaviour in 1826 investigated the effects of cocaine on fatigue depression strength and morphine addictions Freud himself wa
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