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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 1: Touchstones: The Origins of Psychological Thought a quest for an ideal is translated into science, quest for perfect discovery The forms Plato : -Plato proposed there are perfect forms and appearances -i.e. way things appear and the way they are -we seek perfect bc we exp. Imperfect, what we perceive is imperfect -Plato was very influnetial in western history -large influence may be ethnocentric (placing our own culture above others) -his philosophyis a model for others, draws from pythagorean thought -for plato we can understand the perfect forms, but we usually arent aware of them -View was soul is immortal and knows all -Debates with Socrates (469-399) helped advanced platos theories -the meno illustrated the debate of whether things are innate or learned i.e. intelligence -therefore it is difficult to define what these concepts are -Socrates proposed we cant know what part of something is unless we know the whole -i.e. we cant give examples of something unless we know what it means -innate knowledge -gestalt: form or config -gestalt psych. say we innately go towards good form -Plato and Wertheimer believed we have knowledge innately and just have to draw It out (remember and understand) Lao-tzu (6th century BC) -his wisdom is called Taoism The tension between Confucianism and Taosim Confucious www.notesolution.com
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