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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 2: Touchstones: From Descartes to Darwin Introduction During Renaissance many ppl began questioning Renaissance: renewed interest in classics of questioning o i.e. Rebirth Rene Descartes (1596-1650) believed our beliefs grow without plan, and only way to find truth was to start over again for oneself Rationalism: Using un-doubtable ideas, get conclusions with simple reasoning o Correct premises allow us to use reason to find truth First premise was we think. Therefore we are thinkers Cogito, ergo sum: I am thinking, therefore I exist o Cartesian doubt: process needed to get Cogito Use doubt to find truth Believed un-doubtable ideas come from god Innate ideas: Things people know wo having to learn Dualism: Mind and Body are separate o Can interact but are different in nature o Mind is immortal, body is mechanical Interacts at pineal gland (in brain) Interactionism: Mindbody interaction Ghost in a machine: View that mind was in the body o Mind and body are separate o Bodies have same laws, but mind has its own rules from God o We can see others bodies, but no minds. Mind is private, body is public Introspection: Looking at experience and saying whats on the mind o Cartesian model suggests introspection is good psych. Method The Body as a Machine Thomas Hobbes: o Described body in terms of machinery like springs and wheels Influenced the idea that if bodies and machines are alike, we can make machines that are like bodies o Would show we understand bodies Descartes didnt believe humans could be copied by machines o We are spontaneous and adapt Believed animals and people were diff, but not animals and machines o Animals have no souls Ideas bring questions www.notesolution.com
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