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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 3: The Nineteenth-Century Transformation of Psychology Introduction At beginning of 19 century many believed pysch could not be science, by end of 19 ,h was more possible Herbart tried to explain psych mathematically Fechners innovation was: o Psychophysics: experiments that have mathematical relation between stimulus and sensation J.F. Herbart (1776-1841) Believed math was applicable to psych. Events Made thresholds impt for psych Threshold of consciousness: o Events below are unconscious o Events above are conscious Mental life is interaction of elementary ideas o E.g. blue, sour o Different from association because ideas can oppose each other Ideas that arent the same can reduce intensity of the other Can facilitateinhibit Assumed intensity can be quantified o E.g. equation can be made on how A effects B One idea cant push another away, can only limit (inhibit) Thought ideas could be pushed into unconscious (below threshold of consciousness) Apperceptive mass: Combining of ideas that agree and reject ones that disagree Ideas that want to be conscious is source of emotions o Unwanted ideas in consciousness are unpleasant Ideas are fluid and always moving Apperception: When mind is aware of ideas o Can vary so ideas can be understood later Herbarts Influence on Educational Psychology Believed education should instill values Believes psych could help educate Education psychology: o Laid out rules for instruction, evolved into 5 ways Preparation have to engage apperceptive mass. E.g. give summary pts. so they are not distracted by what was to be learned and focus on material www.notesolution.com
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