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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 4: Wundt and His Contemporaries Introduction Wilhelm Wundt o Regarded as most important figure in history of psych Introspection experiments attracted many people Invented non-experimental cultural psychology Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Founded first laboratory in experimental psych Believed simple phenomena should be studied in lab, psychological processes (e.g. language) should be studied with observation Investigations in the Laboratory Laboratory involved introspection o Introspection: looking within oneself. Examining thoughts and emotions. o Distinguished between self-observation (casual) and inner perception Self observation too biased to be used scientifically o Inner perception: inner sense Deliberately observing mental processes Experiments were important and need to be simple to replicate and verify Used metronome in experiments (device that emits sound at intervals) o Through experiments, our consciousness is rhythmic Said exp is rythimic bc lives are rythimc E.g. heartbeat, running Apperception: full awareness understand as a whole o process of organizing and making sense of behaviour experience isnt individual beats (impressions) but unity of them o Creative synthesis: combing of experience from sensations Experience had different levels: o Apprehension - process of impressions entering consciousness Happens before apperception o Span of apprehension how many impressions we could be aware of at once Thought this was about 6 Believed emotion was important to experience also The Tridimensional Theory of Feeling Found altering speed of metronome can induce tension-relief or excitement depression Rhythms can be pleasantunpleasant www.notesolution.com
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