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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Notes

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Michelle Hilscher

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Chapter 10: Research Methods Introduction 20 century, stats method & logical positivism Use investigative practices o E.g. introspection Philosophy of Science Logical Positivism logical positivism: rules for gathering nolwedge Rudolf Carnap: said knowledge is in language o Used logical positivism Verification principle: what we mean is how its verified o E.g. say what does this mean? We say circumstance where its true o How we verify what were describing w language is true Carnap said observations should be described by protocol sentences o protocol sentences: publicly observable events o Agreed behaviourists, psych data is only observable, and verbal descriptions are beh. said psych has dispositional concepts o dispositional concepts: lawful rel. Btw ind. And dep. Var. o can be falsified o Falsifiability: observations dont match dispositional cocncept Operationism Operationism: have say how concept is to be measured o Like op. Def Operational definition: how concept will be measured Where Did Psychologists Stand? Behaviourists liked logical positivism For Gestalt, they couldnt explain surplus meaning with log. pos, so didnt like it Wasnt compatible with Psychoanalysis, theories were untestable, unfalsifiable Criticisms of Operationism Sigmund Koch www.notesolution.com
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