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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Notes

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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 11: Theories of Learning Introduction Influenced by Thondike and Watson and with neuro approaches Ernest R. Hilgard (1904-2001) Wrote many textbooks that were influential, including ones that shaped learning theories o e.g. Conditioning and Learning, Theories of Learning o last three editions of Theories of Learning written with Gordon H. Bower Theories of learning impt book for profs, highlights impt ppl E.R. Gurthrie (1886-1959) Believed laws of thought were just conventions, not really laws Contiguity was most impt. In his learning theory Contiguity Combination of stim. act to produce movement o Not just one, and only some stim work (combos i.e. cues or signals) Distinguished between act and movements, movements make act, but act doesnt define movements Repetition Had associationist view (conditioning is associating btw stim and movements) , but repetition doesnt strengthen, it associates with more stim. Reward Believed reward doesnt strengthen stim + response o Rather, reward reinforces response (the last thing its done before reward) One-Trial Learning Proposed breaking habits: should find cues and tie diff responses to them www.notesolution.com
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