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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Michelle Hilscher

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Chapter 1: Psychology and History Studying the History Historiography o Examine variety of ways in which historians have written history Most influential modern history of psychology written by Edwin G. Boring th Concerned itself primarily with growth of scientific, experimental side of psychology since 19 century Noted that it was impossible to understand these developments without placing them in own historical context Person or Zeitgeist? Boring recognized two approaches to history 1. Emphasized role of creative individual in moving history along 2. Necessary to understand each persons work in relation to cultural context within which it takes place Cultural context called Zeitgeist, spirit of the times Ixions Wheel or Jacobs Ladder? Frank Manuel- progressive vs. cyclical Ixion and Jacob be taken as personifications of this polarity o Ixion was figure in ancient Greek mythology who was condemned to rotate forever on wheel of fire Spiral may be useful symbol of such a process in which ideas recur, but at higher and higher levels The New History of Science Many historians and philosophers of science argues that process of scientific inquiry contains subjective aspect Thomas Kuhn- development of these disciplines had not been smooth o Not that they had simply grown and developed by accumula
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