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Michelle Hilscher

Chapter 3 From Descartes to DarwinRenaissance refers to the renewal of interest in classical antiquity that originated in thththItaly in the 14 century and spread throughout Europe in the 15 to 16 centuryRen Descartes 15961650Believed that people need to go and discover things themselves Need to begin with clear premises so that conclusions can be drawn with reasoningRationalism provided our premises are correct our ability to use reason is sufficient to provide us with the truthPeople cannot doubt the fact of their own thoughts so we must be thinkers that can think our own thoughtsI think therefore I existDescartes CogitooReaching this argument is known as Cartesian DoubtConclusions come from CogitooClear and distinct ideas come from GodoInnate ideas there are things that we know that we do not need to learnDualism the mind is fundamentally different from the body They may interact through the pineal gland as it was the only part of the brain that there were not two halvesInteractionism the mind is like a ghost in the machine of the body The mind makes the body move and workMind comes from God is immortalBody mechanical works as an automatonMain points of Cartesian model1Mind and body are separate2While the body is subject to the same mechanical laws as any other body the mind operates according to its own rules which come from God3We know our own minds through introspection We cannot know other peoples minds because we cannot observe them All we can observe is the state of their bodiesThe Body as a MachineBoth Descartes and Hobbes compared the body to a machine comparing nerves and tendons to wires and springs
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