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Gerald Cupchik

CHAPTER 1: PSYCHOLOGY AND HISTORY • Histography: study of history • Two approaches to history: personal history vs zeitgeist Role creative individual has in moving history along—history is stories as told by those famous/outstanding people that gave contributed Zetgeist: cultural context each person works in relation to—spirit of times Cycle vs Progressive • Frank Manuel: progressive vs cyclical world • Ixion: rotate forever on a wheel vs Jacob: climbs ladder to heaver—history is what? • Psychology can be both of these, changing depending the era NEW HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY • Furomoto: new history of psychology emphasized that science operate subjectively, and that history moved from one view to another, not necessarily progressively. • Facts need to be understood from a framework, not from themselves • Science contains a subjective aspect • Thomas Kuhn: scientific principles develop discontinuously, things remain stable, then radical changes ensure from people causing whole scientific community to change minds about what proper scientific method, data, theory, etc were Paradigm: set of fundamental beliefs that guide workers in scientific discipline Argued that paradigm shape scientist’s world • Various theories will overlap somewhat with phenomenon they try to explain, but each theory tend it specialize and to neglect other areas (A covers a bit, C covers a lot, B overlaps with the two, some a narrow range, etc) • No idea extends across entire range of theories or areas FEMINISM AND WOMEN PSYCHOLOGY • One of contributions was to identify distortions and biases in psychology • Demonstrated women’s contributions hadn’t been acknowledged • Feminist psychologists works in 2 diff traditions:  one tradition emphasized similarities b/w genders and dis
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