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Karen Dion

Minton, Henry • During the turn of the 20 century, women begin to work more ( 1 in 5 women had a job, over the age of fifteen) • New man ideals- men became very percieved about their sense of maniless • They percieved threats over women coming to the workplace and fear that women were trying to take control of the nations culture • Additionally, they felt fustrated in thier attempts to be self reliant in the work world, due to the new corporate centarlization reducing their opporutunities for advancement • Also a threat for working class men, too many immigrants • working man sense of manyless is rooted in the psyciality of their work • The idealization of manyless shifted from Victorian veneration of character and emotional restraint, to the expression of passionate manhood through unstrained primitive acts • Minton tries to show that the shifting meanings of gender coincided withAmerican Psychology • Androcentric bias: ◦ Gender served as the subject of psychological discourse ◦ Gender was used metaphorically to project a conceptual framework for psychological practice Stanely Hall • focused much of his writing on gender as a subject • Leader against co-education, wrote extensively about sex differences • Stanely Hall believes in evolutionary recapitulation • Thought the adolescence to 25 years was the critical year for gender socialization • Women should prepare for womenhood/ bear genius sons •
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