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Karen Dion

Pyke Feminist psychology in Canada: Early Days • The national council of women psychologists in the US was the unwillingingness ofAPAto appoint women to their emergency commitee, a commitee intended to coordinate the activities of psychologists in the event ofAmerican involvement in WW2 • Wrights provides biographical notes on 10 women who recieved their PHDs from the University of Toronto between 1936 and 1949 • Acomparison of the careers of seven women and 7 male academics from this group reveals that did not differ in terms of academic rank, 6 in each group attained full professor status however, men held more positions of leadership • Canadian women psychologists(in contrast to american psychologists) did not study or practice that addressed that addressed sterotypic conceptions of women • APAonly took 13 years to elect president, but cpa took 30 years • However, apa had 4 women presidents in first 85 years of existence, cpa had 7 in 62 year life span Underground Symposium • The royal comisssion report documented widespread marginalization and discrimination against women • Several women psychologists discovered that they had convention submissions rejected , sometimes with the rationale that these topics did not fit into the established franework for convention • They decided to open their own syposoium • The 1972 program comitee in its wisdom, rejected the symposium propsoal that was entitled oh women by women • They decided to book a meeting in the convention hotel, but they association had pressured the hotel to refuse them access to the space in the hotel • So they ended up booking a hotel next to the convention site • The symposium was very successful Task Force on Status of Women in Canadian Psychology • Task force was on the status of women in canadian psychology • Mary Wright honary chairperson of task force • Task force addressed 4 major issues: the status of women within the discipline • the education and training of women in psychology • sex bias in psychological research • Psychological services for women Interest groups of women and psychology (IGWAP) • Task force recommended a special interest group dealing with psychology of women be formed • it was formed, and met with no real opposition, perhaps because the interest group was informal and the groups had no entitlement and CPAaccepted no responsbility or obligation for the provision of service • General Objectives: • 1) to promote professional development of women psychologists • 2)educate psychologists about women and psychology • 3)to provide support for women psychologists • Specific actions: • Developing broad membership base • determining task priorities • monitoring the implementation of task force recommendations • developing and maintaining links with regional organizations of women psychologists • promoting conferenc
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