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PSYD33 - Vredenburg notes

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Michael Bagby

Analogue vs Clinical DepressionVredenburg 1993basically approx 80 studies published in the 1980s used college students as subjectsmany researchers rely on college students as subjects researchers administer the BDI to sample college students Subjects are then categorized as depressednondepressed on basis of scores on BDI and administered other questionnaires designed to reveal group differencesDepueMonroe1978 there is insufficient evidence to justify use of college students as clinical analogues ISSUE is whether the depression experienced by college students and patients are similar enough for the former to be used as analogues of the latterother factors such as age education SES IQ martial status may differ bw the groups but this hasnt been the central issue instead need to address issues of generalizability and validity when using college sutdents in depression studiesCoyne and Gotlib 1983 concluded that college student depression is markedly different from depression manifest by psychiatric patientscentral issues are described and evaluated ANALOGUE VS CLINICAL DEPRESSION Coyne and Gotlib 1983 concluded that college student depression is different from depression manifested by psychiatric patients based on 4 primary issues 1 depression in college studnets are correlated w measures of variety of other psychopathological constructs including anxiety hostility and maladaptive beliefs was concluded that college student depression is little more than general psychological distress 2 factor analyses of student responses failed to find Somatic Disturbance factor which was identified in the patient sample suggesting that college student depression lacks a vegetative component 3 Depue and Monroe 1978 suggest that depressed patients compared w normals are markedly more impaired on the behavioral somatic anxiety and other somatic components of depression 4 low correlation bw psychiatric ratings and questionnaire assessments of depression in college students and spontaneous remission of depressive symptoms in college students evidence relating to each of these issues is examined General Psychopathology in college studentsPRIMARY CRITICISM depression in college samples is related to broad forms of psychopathology and is not specific to depressionPSYCHOMETRIC Problems relation bw depression and number of other constructs is due to depression being confounding in these measures ie anxietySTAI items are related clearly to depression finding from various studies found that there is strong evidence of depression confound in each of these instruments STAIMAACL SCL90 SUBSTANTIVENESS problems rather than an indication of general distress the association bw depression and theorybased constructs are seen as providing empirical evidence for several hypothesized etiologic and maintenance factors in depression SPECIFICITY problems whether proposed interrelation among these constructs is also evident when these constructs are measured in psychiatric patients theyre saying that both depressed college students and psychiatric patients are characterized by general distress and that the 2 groups cannot be differentiated on that basis but some argue that it is possible to isolate distinct groups of patients with a particular diagnosis such as depression or anxiety but impossible to isolate college students that suffer solely from depression or anxietyBUT research has been able to isolate pure groups of depressed and anxious students ingram basically it IS possible to make discriminations within the college student population STATISTICAL problems FactorAnalytic Comparisons BDI Trait version
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