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PSYD33 - Cadesky (2001) notes

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Michael Bagby

Cadesky 2001Are placebocontrolled studies ethical in psychiatric researchargues that the use of placebos can be ethical and that placebo arms provide valuable info for both researchers and patients Definition of Ethical Principlesfour main ethical principles1autonomyindividuals should be allowed to make independent choices for themselves that are in accordance with their own values and principles this idea is manifest in the use of informed consent only those who act autonomously can make decisions on medical interventions pertaining to their health 2beneficencewe should perform acts that benefit others 3paternalism special type of beneficencedecisions regarding treatment should be made by those with professional knowledge decisions should be made for patients by physicians bc they possess medical knowledge but its prevalence has declined bc it can lead to exclusion of patients values and can conflict with patients ability to act autonomouslythus leading to exploitation 4nonmaleficenceforbids intentional infliction of harmethical Arguments AGAINST Placebo Researchthe act of placing patients in a placebo group has been equated w the negligent withholding of treatment violation of beneficenceBUT in some cases standard treatment may not be available ie CBT so wo involvement in the study CBT may be withheld bc of inaccessibilitycost and therefore
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