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PSYD33 - Elliot (1995) notes

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Michael Bagby

camerons mindcontrolling experiments taught lessons on ethics of clinical researchparticular vulnerability of ppl with mental illnessesdangers of relying solely on voluntary consent as a means of protecting them all subjects signed consent forms authorizing medical staff to do whatever they thought necessary consent was an insufficient safeguard for the protection of these subjectsTODAY mentally ill patients take part in a study that requires to take the risk of going weeks or months wo being treated for their illness instead of treatment they receive a placeboas a result patients are often exposed to the pain of their untreated illnessie patients with major depressionschizophrenia psychiatric researchers intentionally give mentally ill patients substandard treatment bc Canadas Health Protection Board requires it psychiatric researchers believe that testing a new drug against placebo is the only way to show that the new drug is effectto avoid this a Randomized clinical trial was developed where one group of patients is given the new drug and another group is given the standard or control treatment this gives equal opportunity for patient to get the new or standard treatmentBUT the problem lies in the choice of the control drug when no good treatment exists there is no ethical barrier to using a placeb
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