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PSYD33 - Vredenburg notes for paper

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Michael Bagby

VREDENBURG INTRO DepueMonroe1978 central issue concerns whether the depression experienced by college students and patients are similar enough for college students to be used as analogues of patients although there are other factors ie age education SES IQ martial status may differ bw groups this hasnt been the central issue concerns in DepueMonroe led to the need to address issues of generalizability and validity when using college students in studies of depression CoyneGotlibCoyne concluded that college student depression is markedly different from depression manifested by psychiatric patients suggests that available evidence provides little support for the view that there are significant differences in depression experienced by college students and clinical patients ALSO indicating a high level of similarity bw student and patient populationsANALOGUE VS CLINCIAL DEPRESSION CoyneGotlibCoyne based their conclusion on evidence pertaining to 4 key issues1General Psychopathology in College Students primary criticism is that depression in college samples is related to broad forms of psychopathology and it is not specific to depressionbasically Gotlib conducted a study on a sample of 443 college students they completed a variety of adjustment measures it was shown that scores on several depression inventories were correlated significantly with scores on a variety of other measures ie constructs of anxiety hostility Gotlib viewed these constructs to be indicative of psychopathology independent of depression he concluded that relation bw depression and these constructs suggest that college student depression is more than general psychopathology and is not a unitary phenomenonthis conclusion is based on results of factor analysis which yielded 2 factors neither of the factors was composed solely of depression scales stREFUTE 1 problem is psychometric in nature basically relation bw depression and number of other constructs is due to depression being confounding in these measures the main instrument used was STAI which is extensively confounded with constructs of depression so not surprising STAI yielded correlation of 59 with BDI a similar psychometric problem is inherent in MAACl which Gotlib used but numerous other studies conducted in the pasted have documented poor discriminant validityand therefore MAACl is inappropriate for differentiating anxiety from depressionthe Symptom Check List SCL also suffers from depression confound so considered together findings of various studies that used the STAI MAACL and SCL provide strong evidence for a depression confound in each of these instruments therefore any conclusion using these instruments should be questionednd 2 problem is substantive relationships
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